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Cottage Park Yacht Club

So, last year, while I was out for a race, I got somewhat drunk at an after-race banquet, and ended up buying a year's membership in a third yacht club; the Cottage Park Yacht Club. It's in Winthrop, MA, and the clubhouse is if anything, a shorter drive from my home than my current club.

Last night, I took my family there for dinner. What a nice place! There's lots of young families, and the club has a kitchen & restaurant on site, as well a fitness club, sauna, bowling alley and lots of family events.

The only drawback? The club is a little bit close to the airport. Like, the clubhouse is about 150 yards from the end of a runway. To leave the lagoon, you have to motor maybe 120' from the end of a runway, with sometimes large jets landing directly over your sailboat.

A friend there has a spare mooring. I'll go there as often as I can this year with Kim & the boys, and talk about where we keep the boat at the end of this year. I really like SYC, where I am now, but the CPYC has more active racers, more serious sailors, and more boating conversation that I enjoy.

Also, bowling!

- Gavin
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