gpeters (gpeters) wrote,

them's the brakes

I'm annoyed. My car's brake fluid is now low. That usually happens when the pads are wearing out, since the calipers have more travel and the fluid resevoir gets a bit depleted.

It's winter. It's cold. The streets are narrower, so working in front of my house is more dangerous. I have to shovel the snowbank beside the sidewalk, so I can pull a wheel off onto the sidewalk on the side of the car facing there. Jacking the car up is more of a pain in the ass in the winter, and there's more likelihood of it taking a fall, which is less than ideal.

Thankfully, my friend Greg has a garage with a lift. And he has air tools. He's graciously offered to let me use his lift. To save frustration and trips, I've ordered a complete set of pads and rotors from, so I'm ready for any replacements that happen. They're all wear parts anyway, so if I don't use them, I guess they'll just go on a shelf until I do.

But still annoying. So: remember to double check your brake pads and rotors each fall. I am careful about doing an oil change in October, and of course in early December I switch on the winter tires, so I won't need a rotation until April or so when the tires come off. So this is a lesson to me: double check the brakes and rotors in the fall, since swapping them in the winter is such a pain.
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